About Token.ng

Who we are, what we do, our mission, vision, goals and business philosophy

About Us

Who We Are

Token.ng is the first and only sports and event investment fund in Nigeria and Africa. It was created so as to offer investors an alternative product to treasury bills, shares, bonds, property and other " traditional" investment vehicles and asset.
In this developing sector we provide an unrivaled investment intelligence and strategies, funds management (bankroll) expertise and a tremendous customer service by leveraging technology and relationships.

What We Do

By crunching sporting data, we analyse the pricing of odds to identify profitable events, low-risk events and undervalued bets- arbitrage and hedging opportunities among others-just as an investment firm would do to pick stocks. We also utilise spread-betting where we can buy or sell a given outcome which allows us to hedge our investments and their risks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to constantly challenge the orthodox by harnessing our talents, creativity, invention, innovation and network to provide the perfect platform for our members to thrive and maximize their resources and opportunites.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build strong foundations for the upliftment of our members through economic and financial innovations and technologies.

Our Goals

  • Mitigate the risk associated with sports and event investment by developing efficient investment methodologies and novel investment models.
  • Create and standardize an ecosystem of knowledgeable sport investors and traders and to constantly be a trailblazer in the pursuit of economic freedom and financial security.

Business Philosophy

Our philosophy is to stay curious by relentlessly experimenting and bodly innovating, learning diligently and sharing our expertise and wealth of knowledge rightly.

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