What is token nigeria?

We are a platform on which our members have easy access to great, cooperatively owned and democratically governed businesses to invest in and also benefit from.

The first business is Nairalife.com, a digital cooperative society with hope of having at least 1,000 members in the first 6 months of operation.

What is our ambition?

We want to take our members from zero to one (going from zero - nothing to one - something)

How do we intend to achieve this?

We want to give our members access to businesses that they can not only invest in and get great returns on but also benefit greatly from the services these businesses will provide.

What is our vision?

We want to give every Nigerian the tools and resources to efficiently create and manage their wealth.

What is our mission?

We want to create exponential wealth and equitably distribute it and we profoundly believe the best way to do this is to provide our members with the opportunity to cooperatively own businesses that can produce this kind of returns.

High risk disclosure: investing on Token Nigeria by buying our Tokens is highly risky as their value depend totally on the success of Nairalife.com and since historically 90% of startups fail, the odds are against us.
Therefore; it is highly advisable you not only consult your financial adviser before investing but also that you should invest only the amount you are prepared or can afford to lose.

Token Nigeria has been operating since November, 2017 and it is a property of Token Technologies Limited, a company duly registered with CAC with RC Number: 1448092.
Token Technologies Limited will provide financial services under a Cooperative License. Both Token.ng and Token Technologies Limited are legal entities in Nigeria.

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