Monthly Profit On

monthly profit

Monthly Profit/Loss

Profits/Losses are calculated daily for a monthly average and members can always monitor this on their dashboards. Our current average daily return on investments from our current model is approximately 1.2% over the last five months of (August, September, October, November and December) with an average win-rate of 79.38% on all our sports investments during this period.

However, there are factors that determines profit/loss:

  1. The number of sporting events (matches) available in a particular month/day to invest in.
  2. Suspension or postponement of sporting event(s) which we invests in by event officials or by the bookmakers for reasons including suspicion of match-fixing, weather, natural disaster e.t.c.
  3. Our average win-rate on all the sporting events we invests in.
  4. The aggregate value of the odds of all the sporting events we invests in.

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