Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the services described herein. By utilizing the website located at www.token.ng, you acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions and that you agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions of this agreement, you are not an authorized user of these services and you should not use this website or any services offered therein. Token Technologies Limited reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms at any time for any reason. We suggest that you review these terms periodically for changes. Such changes shall be effective immediately upon posting. You acknowledge that by accessing our website after we have posted changes to these terms, you are agreeing to these terms as modified.

Account Opening

The member has irrevocably requested and Token.ng has agreed to open an investment account on for and on behalf of the member.

Genuineness of Instruments

The member agrees to assume full responsibility for the genuiness, correctness and validity of all endorsement appearing on all orders, money transfers, screenshots, proofs, tellers, receipts and other documents/things/means deposited for investment purposes

Member Registration

The member by clicking the join now button on token.ng website or signing this terms and conditions has agreed to invest in Token.ng as this is a condition precedent in transacting with Token.ng. It is presumed that by signing/clicking the join now button on the website, the member has digested this terms and conditions.

Account Safety

The member agrees to assume full responsibility and ensure safe custody of all print/sent and electronic correspondence issued to/or by Token.ng regarding the account.

Investing Responsibility

The sole responsibility of investing lies solely on Token.ng. The member is only meant to follow his/her account through the website, make withdrawals. Members should ensure personal protection of their account and only transaction initiated through Token.ng Dashboard provided means will be considered valid, this implies that activities such as top ups, withdrawals or any activity not made by members on their account are not obliged or likewise the company is not committed to perform such transactions on behalf of any member, the dashboard also keeps record of transactions so there is an history of all the transactions made.

Investment Commission

It is hereby agreed that Token.ng commission shall be deducted regardless of the ROI percentage or when it is determined except otherwise stated on the company's website.

Safe Operation Of The Account

  1. The member agrees to safely operate the account.
  2. The member agrees to assume full responsibility and ensure safe custody of all print and electronic correspondence issued to/or by Token.ng regarding the account.
  3. The member agrees to notify Token.ng immediately whenever he/she knows or has any reason to suspect that an unauthorized person has access to any print or electronic correspondence issued to or by Token.ng regarding tha account.
  4. The member has a duty to keep his accounts and addresses sacrosanct as Token.ng shall not be held liable for account accessibility outside designated owner.
  5. The member agrees to indemnify Token.ng against any loss, damage or liability resulting from his/her non-compliance to the terms stated in this terms.
  6. The member herein has duly declareed to be computer and internet literate as Token.ng shall not be held liable for break in communication for wrongful email address given by the investor, poor knowledge of internet or poor internet accessibility and computer accessibility.
  7. The member agrees and authorizes Token.ng without reservation to make third-party enquires about his/her person and business now or at any time in the future prior to considering any request of the member for investment services or credit facilities.
  8. The member agrees that the operation of the account is subject to compliance by Token.ng with all laws, regulations, administrative rules and orders which may from time to time be authorized by the Federal Government of Nigeria and/or any other country, and/or any other regulatory authorities in different countries or the world where sports investment takes place.
  9. The member agrees that Token.ng will use the phone number and any other details given on the account opening process to contact the member. The member agrees to immediately inform Token.ng of any changes or additions to those details. Invalid account information shall lead to account blockage from the dashboard of Token.ng

Investment and Withdrawal

  1. Member can make withdrawals after 30 days of making initial investment and the withdrawal page is available. Any fund not withdrawn by the member during this period goes back into investing (Investment plus profit).
  2. Member has agreed and to invest or be investing with his/her personal funds and sources such as loans, mortgages, proceeds of crime will lead to account blockage and investment terminated without refund.
  3. The minimum funds that any member can add at a time is ₦5,000 (five Thousand Naira Only).
  4. The maximum funds that any member can add at a time is ₦1,000,000 (One Million Naira Only).
  5. The minimum funds that any member can withdraw at a time is ₦1,000 (One Thousand Naira Only).
  6. The maximum funds that any member can withdraw at a time is ₦300,000 (Three Hundered Thousand Naira Only).
  7. If it is the first investment as a member, the first sum invested in case of total loss, funds invested by the member shall be refunded 50% within time period to be given by Token.ng.

Investment Risk

The member agrees that Token.ng has no responsibility or any liability to the member for any dimunition of the member's investment due to any future governmental order, levy, law, tax, embargo, moratorium or imposts or depreciation in value of funds due to inflation or the unavailability of funds due to exchange restrictions on convertibility, losses from caused by requisitions, involuntary transfers, seizure of any character, exercise of military or usurped powers, hacking attacks, or other similar causes beyond the control of Token.ng and all funds standing to the credit of the account will be payable only in such local currencies as may then be as in circulation in the federal republic of Nigeria or any currency as may be convenient or wanted by the company.

The member by entering into this agreement hereby understands the risks inherent in investments of this nature and that the value of investments may fall as well as rise and the past performance of investments is not a guide to future performance where investments involve spread betting. Changes in odds may cause the value of the investment to go up and down. These investments are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed or endorsed by, any bank, and are not federally insured or guaranteed by the Nigerian government, SEC or any other agency. Some of the investments and services on this website may not be available in or appropriate for all individuals. Please contact your financial and legal adviser about any investment with the company.

The member agrees that Token.ng have no liability for failure to provide any agreed service(s) due to reasons beyond its control. These reasons include but are not limited to riots, civil commotion, political unrest or armed insurrection, market lossess e.t.c

High Risk Disclosure

This page (terms) is a risk disclosure by Token.ng which provides sports investment services to the Member under this terms and conditions which is the binding company member agreement/contract of the potential risks involved in investing on the sport markets. The member should first and foremost be aware of the potential losses and high risk associated with this kind of investment. However, due to the wide range of possible scenarios (mostly unforeseen and sudden), this page shall not disclose all risks inherent in investing on sport markets. The member expressly absolve and release Token.ng, their respective affiliates, related companies, and all of their respective officers, directors, employees, registered representatives, shareholders, legal representatives, attorneys, agents, successors and assigns, from any claim of harm resulting from a cause beyond its control including but not limited to, the failure of electronic or mechanical equipment or communication lines, telephone or other interconnect problems, computer viruses or software failures, unauthorized access, theft, operator errors, severe weather, earthquakes, or natural disasters, strikes or other labor problems, wars, acts of domestic or foreign terrorism, sport market losses, unavailability of funds due to losses or government restrictions.

Sport market odds that are invested in happens within wide ranges of intra-day odd movements so the member by investing with the company has agreed unequivocally to the fact that there is not only high probability of profit, but also of loss.

Member shall assume all risks of financial loss caused by a force majeure. The company shall not be liable.

When executing investment operations through the company website, member shall assume the risk of financial loss which can be caused by:

  1. The failure of member hardware, software and internet connection
  2. The improper operation of member dashboard
  3. The wrong settings in the member terminal
  4. Delayed member terminal updates

Member agrees that the company have the right to delete messages sent to the member through internal notification, 3 (three) days after they have been sent, despite the fact that the member may not have received them yet.

Member shall hold full responsibility for the safekeeping of information received from the company and assumes the risk of any financial loss caused by unauthorized access to the member's investment account by a third party.

Member acknowledges and agrees that at the moment of peak load there may be some difficulties in getting telephone communication, mails and messages especially during periods of withdrawals, payments and confirmations. Member agrees that in such situation, the execution time for member instructions may increase/extended by the company without informing the member.


Token.ng may terminate your access to the website for any reason, without prior notice.

Prohibited Use

Except as otherwise stated in these Terms or as expressly authorized by Token.ng in writing, you may not:

  1. Use this website in any manner that could damage or overbuden any Token.ng server, or any network connected to any Token.ng server, as all servers have limited capacity and are used by many members.
  2. Use this website in any manner that would interfere with another party's use of the website.
  3. Include the term Token.ng trademark or executive's name, or any variation of the foregoing, as a meta-tag, hidden textual element.
  4. Use any robot, spider, intelligent agent, other automatic device, or manual process to search, monitor or copy this website or the reports, data, information, content, software, products services, or other materials on, generated by or obtained from this website, whether through links or otherwise without Token.ng's permission, provided that generally available third-party web browsers may be used without such permission.
  5. Use this website or the materials in any manner that could create impression of affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement by Token.ng


No waiver by Token.ng of any right under or term or provision of these Terms will be deemed a waiver of any other right, term, or provision of these Terms at the time of such waiver or a waiver of that or any other right, term, or provision of these Terms at any other time.


If any provision of these terms is deemed unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforseen, then that provision will be deemed severable from these terms and will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

Privacy Policy

Token.ng will treat the data that you provide us with as strictly private and it shall only be used in accordance with this privacy statement by us, by a member of our Group and/or by a selected third party who complies with our high standards of data protection in order to manage the personal account which you open with us ("Account"), to create member accounts, to ensure the security of the site and to enable you to use our services.

Personal Information

All references to 'Personal Data' in this Privacy Policy refer to any personal information about a natural person which enables that individual to be identified directly or indirectly by reference to the data provided.

Specifically, we collect the following information when you open an Account with us: name, email address, phone number, username, bank account details.

You will also be required to provide login details of your choice, namely a username, password which will be kept by us. We additionally require you to provide us with a payment method and payment details (such as bank transfer, credit/debit card or another acceptable means of payment) in order that you can credit your Account.

We require the above information in order to ensure that you can identify yourself when using the site, to ensure that you are of legal age to use our services, to improve our services to you and to keep you informed regarding any of our services which may be of interest to you.

You also have the right to access your personal data at any time in order to make alterations to any personal information that may have changed or become obsolete. Should you believe that any personal information we hold for you is incorrect, please correct this error on your account settings page.

Use of Personal Information

Once your personal data is submitted to us, it shall be kept securely on our database.

We use the email address which you have provided us with to keep you updated on the latest information regarding Token.ng.

We may send you emails from time to time containing information ranging from special promotions to technical and other information relating to our services.

Should you wish to unsubscribe from our email mailing list, you can do this easily by contacting us.

We may also enter into partnerships with data processors and companies which provide security, age verification and identification verification services (including, without limitation, financial institutions, age verification, and credit reference agencies) in order to improve the efficiency and security of the site and/or to comply with relevant regulations.

These companies may have access to your personal data and may keep record in order that they can process necessary information data and maintain the security of the site.

The companies that we choose to carry out these functions have strict policies regarding privacy of personal data, although we accept no responsibility for the privacy policies of those companies.

We will not disclose your account balance to any person or third party other than to you unless we are required by law to disclose such information to competent authorities or for legal purposes.

It is therefore incumbent upon you to declare your account balance including profits on Token.ng to the relevant authorities if you reside in a country where such gains are subject to taxation.

We reserve the right to pass on to public or other relevant authorities, customers' personal data if necessary or required in the course of any legal investigation.

The personal data submitted by our customers may be stored and/or processed for the purposes set forth above in this Privacy Statement in any country in which we or our affiliates, suppliers, subsidiaries or agents maintain facilities.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you give your consent to the transfer of your personal data outside of your country.

Token.ng is committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure that whenever personal data is transmitted, such transmission takes place solely within the Group and the Group's select partners in which companies the standards of privacy and confidentiality should be of an acceptable standard, irrelevant of location.

Token.ng shall in no manner whatsoever be held responsible for the manner in which third parties process and/or store the personal data of our customers.

Token.ng shall only be responsible for its own Privacy Policy and it does not warrant the standard of the privacy policies of any of the third parties who may have links placed on our site.

We strongly recommend that when you access a new page via a link on our site which takes you to an external website, you take time to read through the privacy policy of the new website which you enter.

Retention of Your Personal Information

As our member, you or we can close your Account with us at any time. Following closure of your Account, we will retain your personal data on record for as long as required by law.

We will only use your data should such use be required by competent authorities in cases of fraud or investigation into any other illegal activity.

This will be the sole exception to use of your personal data until its complete deletion from our records.


Token.ng uses its best endeavors to protect the confidentiality of your personal data and to prevent any unauthorized external or internal users from accessing such information without your consent.

However, Token.ng shall take no responsibility whatsoever for events beyond its control inclusive of, but not limited to, acts of god or natural disasters and including power cuts and strikes. hacking e.t.c.

We are sure that, as our member, you understand the evolving nature of our business due to continuous technological innovation and, although we endeavor to do our best to ensure the protection and privacy of your personal data at all times, we cannot guarantee that the performance of our service will be free from error at all times. Should any such error have an effect or consequence on the privacy of your personal data, we shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever in damages or otherwise.

We strongly recommend that you do not divulge your personal data to strangers or third parties during live chat.

Remember that your personal data is sensitive and it's important to stop and think before passing on personal information.


It may become necessary, at any time, for us to make modifications to the site or to the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy governing its services.

The purpose of such modifications may be to further simplify user processes or to further reinforce security measures in order to upgrade to future technological innovations.

In such cases, members previously registered on our site will keep their username no modifications will be required on their part.

Continued use of our site by the members after any modifications to the site, the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy will be considered as their acceptance thereof.

It is the responsibility of each customer to regularly check the, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for updates.

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