is the first and only sports investment service in Nigeria.

Our goal is to create a new investment opportunity based on sports betting for all Nigerians by reducing much of the risk associated with sports investments.

How to start investing on in four steps

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Creating an account is straight-forward, you can become a member in less than 30 seconds.

Add Funds

You can easily fund your account through various means Bank Deposit, Online Payment, Mobile Transfer.

Monitor Investment

Through your dashboard you can monitor your investments, withdraw and add to your investments, and get updates and notifications instantly.

Withdraw Funds

You can make withdrawal after 30 days of making investment and your bank account will be credited within 24 hours of making a successful request.


Monthly Profit

We have had an average daily return on investments of 1.2% over the last five months !

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Referral Bonus

Get 10% of the first investment of any member that creates an account with your referral link up to ₦5,000 !

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Estimate Investment Return

You can estimate the return on your investment for earlier periods (from the last 24 hours to 30 days ago) on

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

This section contains some of the questions you might have about and our services.

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What is sports investment ?

Sports investment (betting) is largely viewed now as an alternative investment to traditional methods and asset such as the stock market and property (real estate). With both of these suffering severe volatility over the last number of years, people have started to look on sports trading as a viable investment avenue or to simply supplement their own primary income because sports betting isn't tied to the markets- people are always betting on sports.

How does make money ? makes money when you make money with us. We get a commision of 10% on the profit of your investments and we deduct this without you noticing.

We do not get any commission when there is a loss.

How much can I invest ?

You can invest a mimimum of ₦5,000 (five thousand naira) and a maximum of ₦1,000,000 (one million naira) at a time on If you want to invest more than ₦1,000,000 (one million naira), you will have to add funds in batches.

How long before I can withdraw ?

Member can withdraw funds from his/her account after 30 days of making initial investment as long as the withdrawal page is available.

Is a registered company ? is a property of Token Technologies Limited which is a private limited liability company registered under the cooperate affairs commission (CAC) of Nigeria with RC No: 1448092.

Is it possible to loose all my money ?

It is possible to make a loss on your investments in a particular period of time let's say a month, but it is higly unlikely that such loss(es) can result in our members losing all their invested funds. We are acutely aware of the risks involved in sports investment and we try as much as possible to hedge our investment in most trades and also exploit arbitrage opportunities thereby reducing risk and exposure.

Start investing with us today ! account is easy to create, why not start making money today ?

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